Case Studies

SOLSTICE will demonstrate its approach to strengthening research capacity through three case studies in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.  These have been selected by SOLSTICE partners in each of the three countries. For more information on each, follow the links on the left menu bar. 

  • Kenya: new frontiers for food security and economic growth
  • Tanzania: living marine resources and impacts of climate change
  • South Africa: ecosystem shifts and stability of fisheries

Criteria for case study selection

Why these three examples?  The case studies have been chosen with the following criteria in mind:

  • benefit to low-income communities with high dependence on living marine resources,
  • strong socio-economic significance of the issues being addressed,
  • novel and previously unexploited research aspects that can benefit from new research technologies,
  • availability of relevant environmental and socio-economic data to ensure early progress of research and capacity-building activities,
  • capacity of local partners to work as centres of excellence employing the research methods beyond the duration of the project, and
  • access and provision of logistical support for SOLSTICE activities.